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Clarity Homes was founded in 1998 by William C. Bannister and William L. Bannister, a father/son team and long-time residents of Fort Worth, Texas.

The company is guided by three core values: to provide a rewarding and customized building experience for home owners, to build classically-designed houses that bring value to their neighborhoods, and to encourage home efficiency without compromising beauty.

Clarity Homes seeks to find a way to make life more comfortable for every family so that they can enjoy life to the fullest, and even better things ahead.


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Village Homes was established in Fort Worth in 1996 with a single guiding principle: to build unique, inspiring homes by combining timeless architectural design with modern innovation. Village began out of dissatisfaction with the monotonous designs of the new home industry at that time. Frustrated with uninspired designs being produced by most builders, Village turned to charming 1920s and 1930s neighborhoods for inspiration.

Village Homes soon understood the profound opportunity in combining beautiful architecture with all the benefits of a well-built, new home. Whether building a single home or an entire neighborhood, Village Homes creates environments that offer an enduring sense of place - a feeling of being home. Today, Village Homes is still locally owned by its founders, Michael Dike and Jim Harris, and has built over 350 homes in the Fort Worth area, becoming the standard bearer for state-of-the-art construction, architectural diversity and understated elegance.

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